Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris

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Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez might want to consider the Playboy Mansion as a possible wedding location. We're thinking they could probably get a good deal on the place.

As it turns out, Hugh Hefner is a bigtime fan of The Bachelorette.

"I got Hef hooked on it!"  the Playboy mogul's girlfriend Crystal Harris told us earlier today while promoting The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House, E!'s upcoming reality special about a gaggle of Playmates who live across the street from the Mansion.

Just how hooked is Hef? Read on to find out...

"His commentary is hilarious," Harris said. "He's like, 'I can't believe that she was upset about Frank leaving when she spent the night with the other two before that!' He gets really into it."

Harris continued, "We watched the finale and I was Googling about it. I found out what happened and I'm like, 'Hef, I know the ending,' and he's like, 'Don't tell me!' Hef and I were both just happy that she found love in the end."

As for Harris and Hef's love, it sounds like it's just gonna be the two of them.

When asked about the possibility of Hef adding more gals to their mix, Harris said, "I know that he wouldn't [do that]. I feel very special that I'm the only one. It's nice. No drama."

So is a wedding in the works? Harris laughed, "Maybe. I think you have to ask him that."

The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House premieres Sunday @ 10:30 p.m. on E!

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