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We love the way Megan Fox gives.

The former Transformers star has donated her fee for appearing in Eminem's new video for his hit, "Love the Way You Lie," to a Los Angeles women's shelter.

The song, which features Rihanna, is about an abusive relationship. It's said to be inspired by the rapper's own rocky times with ex-wife Kim Mathers...

Fox donated the money to Sojourn, a shelter for battered women and their families. Sojourn provides housing, legal assistance, support groups and community outreach programs, among many other things.

She appears in the video alongside Lost star Dominic Monaghan. As we were the first to tell you, director Joseph Kahn shot the video late last month in L.A.. It's set to premiere tonight on MTV and Vevo.com.

"Joseph and I worked pretty closely together to make sure we got this right," Eminem said in a statement. "Trying to make this tough subject work visually is a challenge. It was great to have Rihanna, Megan and Dominic on board for this…They really brought it and made this video super-powerful."

Kahn twittered on Monday, "Turning in the LTWYL video soon. One favor: watch it fully streamed, volume turned up, quiet room, turn off your phone. Thanks."

Will do.

(For more information abotu Sojourn, go to www.opcc.net or call the 24-hour hotline at (310) 264-6644.)

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