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We at Team Awful realize, in retrospect, just how random we tend to get here. Asking y'all questions about snubbed Emmy noms, cohosts for Snooki and the most effective way for Brangelina to spend their family fortune...we're kind of ridiculous, aren't we?

But hey, we're in the celebrity business; we thrive on the ridiculous.

Here's your monthly rundown of all the questions we've thrown at you this summer (since our last results round-up, of course). And as usual, we asked and you pop-culture pollsters responded with some interesting results:

1. True Blood and Emmy are a star-crossed, tragic mismatch: After this year's Emmy noms came out, we were forced to deal with the reality that sometimes, the best matches are just not made. And cast of True Blood was snubbed of some serious Emmy love for individual performances, 52.8 percent of you agreed that with us that this was an injustice. We're still shedding tears.

2. One Snooki plus one Playboy bunny equals one network talk show: When we dished that Snooki was the subject of talk-show-minded network eyes, we came to you asking who her No. 2 should be. About 40 percent of you wanted to see Kendra Wilkinson slip those 32D's into a sidekick dress and talk about the latest goss next to Snooki, while 32 percent wanted to see Perez Hilton—that's all we'll say about that. And of course, we can't forget the 15 percent (no doubt the insane ones) who wanted Sarah Palin to pull up a chair. Hey, as long as she's always quarantined to be someone's sidekick and never the star, we're happy.

3. We find in favor of… the reporters! Being journalists ourselves, we're happy with this answer. We asked if reporters were going too far when it came to celebrity journalism and scoring the scoop, but lo and behold, there you are supporting us: Nearly 45 percent of you agreed that celebrities should expect to be reported on if they head into a club or another open-to-the-public, down-and-dirty locale. About 37 percent decided that celebs should be left alone with their privacy, but 18 percent said it depends how juicy the dirt is. Sometimes, kids, that's all it comes down to!

4. All your scandal can go away if you're good at sports: Just look at the difference between Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson. Tiger's back to competing in tournaments, and plenty of people are tuning in to watch. But it doesn't seem likely that people will be hitting the theaters for Mel's next movie. Almost 40 percent of you thought athletes made for better comebacks, weathering scandal much quicker than actors (only 6 percent supported the thespians). But the majority, 54 percent, said screw ‘em both! That's the kind of attitude we like here!

5. Kristen needs to get Tattooed. Now! It turns out you all agree with us!  Well, at least a nice, butt-smashing 54 percent agree that K.Stew should take on the sexually uninhibited, asskicking, slightly masochistic genius chick role of Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (now being remade in Hollywood, costarring Daniel Craig). Unfortunately, 22 percent voted for some other less worthy actress for the role, and surprisingly, 24 percent of you said you didn't even just think Hollywood needs to stop doing remakes. Uh, what the hell do you think the whole Twilight franchise is an homage to/remake of? Romeo and Juliet, anybody?

6. Money can't buy you love, but it can buy Angelina some groceries: With the Brad and Angelina fortune getting bigger every day, we figured it'd be interesting to ask how you—the laymen—think this power couple should spend the money they bring in. They opted for a villa, but 50 percent of you (yes, 50!) thought that the money would be better spent if it was put into gift cards at Whole Foods and Subway. Angelina needs food, people! A solid 19 percent of you boring people wanted more real estate for the duo, and 18 percent had a good heart and wanted it to go to the kids. Bonus points for the comments stating that they should use their dough for therapy and "to build a huge spaceship and go where no man has gone before."

7. A movie ticket is worth the price to be Zefron'd: We saw Charlie St. Cloud, and while it wasn't the best piece of drama we've seen in recent years, it was made all the better with constant shots of Zac Efron in muscle tees and see-through shirts. About 54 percent of you said that seeing those bulging biceps alone was worth the price of admission—and hell, we agree. But 20 percent didn't think so, and 26 percent decided to go see Steve Carell flex his nonbiceps in Dinner for Schmucks. Well, go schmuck yourselves, we like to be Zac-attacked every once in a while.

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