Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin

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Aw, it was all just one big misunderstanding! Not that we're expecting any forgive-and-forget reunions anytime soon.

While Levi Johnston's insensitive and extremely ill-advised (nice one, Tank) decision to mock Sarah Palin and her moose stew-loving brood in a music video was cited by Bristol as one of the reasons their on-again engagement was called off, a source close to the production tells E! News it was never Levi's intention to poke fun at the family.

At least, not in this particular instance.

"He isn't mocking anything," a source close to the production of Brittani Senser's breakup-inducing "After Love" video told E! News.

"In actuality, he just received the script last week. None of this was planned by him, other than his handlers agreed to allow him to do the video. This entire production really was just a business opportunity for him and the production staff had other actors in mind."

Production on the video is nevertheless plowing full-steam ahead (what does he have to lose at this point, after all?), but the source made clear that Levi himself only spoke to the artist for the first time a few days ago and that the duo will meet at a dinner meeting on Friday—which they'll follow up with a private party for the twosome on Saturday.

Well, clearly he's got a lot of free time on his hands these days.

And while the video is scheduled to shoot on Aug. 9, the production team is toying with the idea of letting media be present for the video's filming. After all, they're not likely to look a gift horse like that in the mouth.

Still, while the media storm—or relationship fall-out—wasn't planned, it also wasn't expected.

"No one ever thought this much press was going to come from it," the source said. "After the past week, everything is a bit hectic and they really weren't prepared for a storm like this."

Neither, we're guessing, was Levi.

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Now that Levi's got free reign to mock, he can join the rest of the famous folks on the Palin-Bashing Bandwagon!

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