Shark Week and Celebs

It's the most dangerous time of the year, guppies: Shark Week. The Discovery Channel is rolling out a week's worth of programming with enough shark-attack footage to scare us away from the beach until next summer.

And while some of you think sharks are the scariest creatures to stalk the planet, think again—there are celebrities with enough bite to send those finned creatures swimming for safety.

In order to celebrate, we're grabbing our flippers and scuba masks and hitting the open waters of Hollywood to round up the stars with the sharpest teeth. And trust us, these stars have more in common with their chompin' counterparts than just a taste for blood.

If you're not too scared to go fin to fin with the great white Angelina Jolie, hammerhead Miley Cyrus or bluntnose Jennifer Lawrence, then grab your swimsuit and dive right in.

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