John Mayer

Mullen-Respicio-Young/ JFXONLINE

The same week The Incredible Hulk hits theaters, John Mayer was caught heading out of a Beverly Hills medical facility Wednesday carrying a bag labeled "Experimental Human Growth Hormones, 2x daily."

Coincidence? We don't think so.

As much as Mayer is notorious for having fun with the paparazzi, we wonder whether he has decided to transform his body into a much larger, emerald-hued wonderland that can smash and destroy everything in sight—except those indestructible Hulk pants, of course.

Why, you ask? The question is, Why not? The guy's a rock star dating a famous actress and that often leads to completely baffling plot twists stolen from comic books. Or could.

What do you think? Is the musician ready to unleash a smash hit like no other, or is he just having a little fun with his multivitamins?

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