Madonna, Lourdes Leon

Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images for Chopard

When discussing the new juniors clothing line she's designing for Macy's with daughter Lourdes Leon, Madonna had said, "I've been involved in business meetings, but Lola's really doing the work. I just sit in the corner on my BlackBerry!"

Looks like Madge wasn't kidding about Lourdes being the voice and soul of the Material Girl brand, as she's now blogging on its website.

Her opening entry cites '80s fashion as a huge inspiration (can't imagine why): "I am totally obsessivo about 80's shorts... You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in. It's kinda nerdy but I love it."

And like her image-evolving mom, Lola can't wait to dye her hair.


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