Oh how foolish we've been. How utterly blind. It all just seems so crystal clear now. The View. It's been right there in the title, just staring at us!

But wait, you're confused. Let us explain. Remember this clip?

And what about this next clip?

Well, hot on the heels of those two comes this clip. You'll notice all three share a common subject matter. Watch and then read on to have your feeble minds blown...  

See? It's clear now, isn't it? The View isn't just The View. It's an acronym. It's The V.I.E.W. Do you see it yet? That's right. It's the "Vaginas In Elderly Women!" Yes! It all makes sense now, doesn't it? You have been enlightened! No longer will they pull the wool over your eyes! Knowledge is power, people! Knowledge is power...

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