Miley Cyrus

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Seeing how Miley Cyrus is such a huge fan of Sex and the City, it only makes sense that there would be rumors of her playing a young Carrie Bradshaw in an SATC prequel, right?

So, what's up?

"Nobody's ever contacted me," Miley told Ryan Seacrest on his radio program this morning about the potential Carrie casting. "But if I was asked, it would be a huge honor. I'm so obsessed with the show, so I would probably do it if they asked me to."

But moving along, there is one thing the starlet insists she will never, ever do…

"Just to put it very clear, and I'll stand by my word, it's not something I'm afraid to say, drugs are for idiots and I'm never going to be that person," insists Miley while talking about maturing and avoiding the temptations that surround her. "I'm never going to be that person, and as long as I steer clear of that and keep that mindframe, I think I'll be cool because I just have way too much fun on my own."

It's definitely good to hear the "Can't Be Tamed" singer likes to keep some things, well, tame.

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Of course, Miley's not above making a few goofy faces every now and then.

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