Matthew Morrison, Blake Lively

Mikael Jansson/VOGUE

Principal Figgins might not want to bring his wife to the Glee set anytime soon.

The real life Figgins, Iqbal Theba, admits that even his wife can't help but drool over be impressed by Matthew Morrisons recent photo spread in Vogue magazine. You know, the one in which Mr. Schuester shows off his sexy hot body...

"I was looking at a picture of Mark Salling and she said, 'You have no idea! You're looking at him, but you need to look at Matthew's six pack!'" Theba told us yesterday at Kari Feinstein's MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge. "She showed it to me on the net and I was just amazed."

Theba wouldn't pick favorites when asked whether he thinks Salling or Morrison has a more impressive mid-section.

"That I don't know," says the actor. "You have to ask my wife."

As for his own shirtless scene on Glee (remember when he and Jane Lynch ended up in bed together?), Theba hopes it doesn't become a frequent occurence.

"This country should not be subjected to the horrible sight of me without my shirt!" Theba cracked. "It's kind of hard watching me without my shirt. If you loved America, you wouldn't do it—you would not ask Iqbal to take his shirt off."

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