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    She Has an iPad—So Is Suri Cruise Spoiled?

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    Suri Cruise
    Suri Cruise GSI Media

    Did Suri Cruise really get her own iPad? When can we officially call her spoiled?
    —Teek, via the Answer B!tch inbox

    Excuse me, it's not just an iPad. It's an iPad that belongs to the most fabulously photographed high fashion child on the planet. In other words, it's now the SuriPad (patent pending).

    And yes, if reports are to be believed, the 4-year-old daughter of TomKat has one. Of her own. But does that—combined with her ridiculously expensive wardrobe—automatically make her spoiled? No, actually:

    Yes, Suri Cruise is undoubtedly a child of privilege. Per Life & Style, she has "over 100 pairs of shoes and a wardrobe that would rival any A-lister." And now she has an iPad, which costs $499 and up. Pricey toy, that. (She isn't the only 4-year-old in the fancy lifestyle department; US Weekly reports that Gwen Stefani recently spent $15,000 on a birthday party for son Kingston.)

    Still, child development experts say, there is a chance—really—that Suri is not a brat.

    "The fact that Suri Cruise now owns an iPad doesn't necessarily mean she's spoiled," says Julie Hanks, clinical Director of Wasatch Family Therapy clinic. "It all depends on her emotional response to the expensive gift. Did the darling preschooler demand an iPad? Or throw a tantrum in a store if her parents didn't get her one? If so, she's spoiled."

    In other words, Hanks says, spoiled is less about the actual size or cost or number of possessions, but more about the child's attitude toward gifts and material things.

    "There are lots of kids who aren't particularly indulged, but are still spoiled materially and emotionally within the family's means," psychologist Susan Bartell explains. So, if Suri throws tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, or demonstrates a lack of appreciation for what she has—like that iPad—that may be the sign of a spoiled kid.

    But just owning a SuriPad? While a sign of a lucky kid, not necessarily an indication of anything else.

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