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There are two very big reasons that  helped Alice Eve snag the role of Charlotte's nanny in the new Sex and the City movie.

Her breasts!

Slight spoiler alert! Don't keep reading if you haven't seen the flick and don't want to know too much more about Eve's character…

The 28-year-old British beauty, who you probably remember from She's Out of My League, never wears a bra in Sex. She knew the role was for her as soon as she read script. "You go, ‘Mine are real!'" Eve told me at the movie's premiere in NYC. "'I've got good tits—I want this role!'"

She cracked, "It was liberating."

As for being on set with Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the SATC gang, Eve said, "It was like being in heaven. They were all there—all the women I've watched since I was a teenager and who I got everything I knew about New York and sex talk from.

"I learned that you can buy things that pull your nipples out," she added, smiling. "I learned a whole bunch of things on that set."

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