Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains


Heroes always triumph.

Except in reality television.

Although the Heroes tribe was physically dominant, in the end the good guys were no match for the axis of evil. 

So who was the last villain standing? Read on to find out …

Well, if you were expecting good things for the malevolent masterminds Parvati or Russell, you were disappointed (or elated). The winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is Sandra Diaz-Twine, who previously won the Pearl Islands edition.

The night's action started out with a dish stacking challenge that Colby, the last hero standing almost won, but almost wasn't good enough to beat Parvati. She guaranteed herself a spot in the final four with her win in this immunity challenge.

After giving an aw-shucks speech, Colby attempted to get Sandra booted, but instead found himself the 16th person voted out.

"I guess I'm an old dusty veteran," said Colby, though surely some smitten viewers would disagree.

After Colby's exit, the next challenge had the castaways navigating a maze blindfolded, and in an amazing nail-biter Russell won and secured himself a spot in the final four.

Even as Russell crowed that Sandra "cannot beat me," he helped oust Jerri, who became the 17th person voted out.

And Survivor's best player ever? As the votes were read in front of a studio audience, the evil genius lost out to Sandra, the coattail rider.

A two-time Survivor winning coattail rider, that is.

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