Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman

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We know the crowds in which Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman usually hang: Jen with her pack of loyal gay guys and Nic with...well, Keith Urban, really. So what happens when you drop the two babes on an island away from their cliques?

They become BFFs, apparently. Though we're assuming that last F probably stands for "for now" instead of "forever." Yep, Jen and Nic seemed to have bonded nicely on the Hawaii set of their new flick, Just Go With It.

So what do these two famous femmes do when they hang out? Sip margaritas and talk about their loser A-list ex-hubbies, right?

Nah, but could Nicole be giving J.A. a few tips on how to turn the heat up in the bedroom?

Wouldn't be too unbelievable.

Seems Jen and Nic have found a mutual interest in shopping and swapped makeup secrets at the ritzy beauty emporium, The Cos Bar. The ladies didn't leave without a few of their faves, Chanel lip gloss for Jen, NARS Orgasm Illuminator for Nicole.

Orgasm Illuminator, huh? We all know Nicole thinks she's the queen B when it comes to bedroom behavior—or D as in dominatrix...or S as in naughty schoolgirl? We'll stop, in case you're starting to feel queasy.

So maybe that's what really has the babes bonding—because we know Nic's beauty secrets aren't found in a chic boutique (and are much more suited for bonding with that cameo "actress" who shall not be named).

Neither chick has exactly had the best luck with the fellows in the past. So could Nicole be taking pity on luckless-in-love Jen—who hasn't found a worthy dude in a long time (Gerry Butler definitely doesn't count)—and giving her some tantalizing tips for pleasing the hairyassed sex?

If she is, Jen had better just plug her ears because I betcha that big-O shout-out was a not-so-subtle message. Trust, everything is not all hunky dory at the couple's down-south getaway as kinky Kidman would want you to believe.

Not together, at least.


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