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Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio

Frazer Harrison/Wireimage; Jason Merritt/WireImage.com; Kevin Mazur/Wireimage; Dave Hogan/Getty Images; Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage.com; AP Photo/Tammi Arroyo; Allstar/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The Last Real Man in Hollywood

Behold! The elite eight who have made it to the fourth round of our Last Real Man in Hollywood tournament.

If you look at the above deelish faces closely enough, you'll notice a familiar mug is back in the running that had been wrongfully absent the last two rounds.

Yes, we performed an Awful Save and brought back one hunkmuffin' who clearly should have made it past the first round...

Please welcome Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. back to the game!

Robbie's good looks alone should have been a pass to get him to the heart of our tournament, but if that doesn't do it for you, the fact his flick had the fifth largest box office opening of all time last weekend proves that RDJ should definitely be a contender to win our version of manliest catch.

Plus, you all have been emailing and twittering like crazy, begging him to be put back in, so, violà! Downey Jr. will be replacing Clive Owen, who, as much as it pains us to say, beat Ryan Gosling but who received the fewest votes overall.

If any of you strongly object that Robby's back, we promise, this is the final list of guys. No more fooling around.

Oh, and here's a little piece of info for Team Edward: Robert Pattinson barely beat Christian Bale. Seriously. Can you friggin' believe that one? Shocker.

Our hot-stuff R.Pattz only got 52 percent of the votes against Batman. What do you think of that? But the man to beat still seems to be Johnny Depp—though we're not so sure that's going to actually happen. Just an Awful hunch.

Vote wisely!

The Final Four will be revealed on Monday.