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The Last Real Man in Hollywood

Get a whiff of that—the smell of explosions and leading hunks! The stench is summer movie season. With each touting a new or classic Hollywood stud, we decided to put these fellows in a competition far more intense than box office numbers.

We're looking to dub The Last Real Man in Hollywood, and you get to decide who that lucky dude is! We'll be hunting for him all month long, in fact.

So what separates the men from the boys?

The last guy standing has to have an A-lister attitude, acting chops and the ability to make you at least chuckle a little while you're eating him up. Oh, and a ripped six pack or a killer bedroom dimples doesn't hurt, either.

So, get ready to meet our 64 candidates for the top spot. Vote for your fave actor and the top 32 guys with the most votes will keep battling it out for the crown.

Did we forget your fave leading man? We'll check the comment section for write-ins, and—if other readers agree that we dissed the dude by leaving him off the list—he'll be totally eligible to move on to the next round. Also, tweet us @theawfultruth and use the hashtag #lastrealman.

Hope you can stop drooling long enough to vote!

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