Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga just called. She wants her video back. 

OK, technically she hasn't called, but after looking at this NSFW video (seriously, don't say we didn't warn you) for your new single, "Not Myself Tonight," we wouldn't be surprised if she, (along with anybody else who's ever gone to all-too-familiar extremes), leaves you a message asking that you at least give credit where it's due.

From Perez Hilton, who points out the déjà vu-feel between this and Gaga, to insisting the comparisons don't stop there, citing the work of such artists as Madonna, Duran Duran, Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson, creative sampling seems to be the general consensus.

Even our very own Awful Truth weighed in, taking it one step further, saying the singer is "hoping to bank on anything popular these days to make her sham of a comeback a success," noting how Christina, at one point, sports fangs (how very Twilight of her). 

But what say you? Are the critical comments warranted? Or is such so-called borrowing nothing new?

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