Fergie is one of the most underappreciated fashionistas these days; it's really time somebody said it. The chick knows she has a sick body and isn't afraid to flaunt her humps—you know she's never met a cat suit she doesn't like.

But offstage, the Black Eyed Peas babe still knows how to look so damn cool that we have to wonder how long it takes her to get ready for little outings, like heading to the airport (hardly the chicest place to be).

Take this pap pic, where the diva struts her mile-high style...

Rocking a comfy white top, a studded leather jacket and black leggings, Ferg looks great as she preps to board her flight. Lately we're so used to seeing two very drastic ends of the airport spectrum:

Types like Lady Gaga (though, really there is only one Gaga) who show up at the automated ticket machine in sky-high pumps, g-string leotards and wigs. And then chicks who rock their Ugg boots and oversized hoodies—not to say either is not fab in it's own way.

But Fergie is the perfect medium: Looks damn good and is prepped to watch the in-flight flick without sequins poking her in the ass (plus, she can get through security in a breeze, not having to unbuckle thigh-high boots beforehand).

If this is how good the gal looks when she's hopping aboard a Leer, we wonder what kind of sexy pout she snapped in her glam passport photo.

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