Jeremy Renner, Alexander Skarsgard, Adrian Brody

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We tried not to let our dirty minds get too ahead of ourselves the other day when Alexander Skarsgård, Jeremy Renner and Adrien Brody were all spotted out together at Chateau Marmont.

Seriously, it's like an orgasm at a late-lunching table with these three studs, all of whom were photographed arriving at the Hollywood haunt around the same time.

So what brought these dudes together—work or play?

We're devastated to report these handsome hunks were not all convening for business (and our pleasure) purposes.

"I was there?" Renner said to us when we chatted with him on the way into Soho House Tuesday night, where he was supporting good friend and tabloid girlfriend Charlize Theron.

Hmmm. What's with Renner being all coy about his delish-dude posse? What's up with that, boyfriend? Regardless, when we politely reminded Jeremy that there was photographic evidence of his sexy self arriving at Marmont Monday afternoon, it seemed to jog Renner's memory.

Dished the Hurt Locker star:

"Oh, yeah yeah with Brody and all those guys. Yeah we were all there to celebrate and support our pal Sam Rockwell. His film just premiered."

Rockwell stars in Iron Man 2 which hits theaters next Friday, so it seems Robert Downey Jr.'s costar has some very good looking friends to celebrate with. Lucky guy!

We told Jer we were kind of hopeful he was there with Skarsgård and the gang to cook up some project they could all do together.

"Oh no, we weren't talking about projects," Renner fessed, shattering our hopeful dreams. "But I have a few things coming up I'm excited about!"

Unless it involves Skarsgård, who is totally comfy with his naked self, and Renner we're not sure if it will live up to our expectations.

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