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Look, people, Bobby Brown has died only three times, not four.

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Yes, the 41-year-old police-blotter regular is, by all accounts, alive and kicking despite tweets and Internet headlines to the contrary.

So, when and where did this latest celebrity death rumor start?

According to the Twitter search stats compiled at the very handy CrowdEye, Brown started becoming a hot topic on Tuesday afternoon.

In those early tweets, users say they'd just received word via a BlackBerry blast that the "My Prerogative" singer had died. Later, the story got filled in with "details"—the hospitalization, the lung cancer, etc.

Meanwhile, over at the official Facebook and MySpace pages of Brown's new legit endeavor, the Heads of State, all was well. Because all is well.

Brown and two fellow former New Editioners, Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant, are in the midst of a tour. The Heads of State—all three of them—performed Saturday night in New York City. The trio's next scheduled stop is Jacksonville, Fla., on May 7.

So, are we clear? Judging by the "Is Bobby Brown dead?" tweets we're still seeing, we guess we're not.

Before you tweet and text again, remember: Brown has been nothing but upfront about all the times he's died—according to his 2008 autobiography, during his darkest drug days, he had to be revived three times via defibrillators. If anything dire happens to him, we're sure he'll let us know.

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