Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear True Blood writers: Can we have vampires be allergic to their clothes this season?

As if Alexander Skarsgård couldn't get any sexier, the hunky Swede spoke with People magazine recently and dished just how comfortable he is with his sexuality.

"I'm not a prude at all," Skarsgård tells the mag regarding his risqué scenes while filming TB. "I shot a very, very graphic scene two days ago with a man. I am from Sweden, and it's different there. If it makes sense, I'll just do it. And to me, so far, it's made sense every single time I've got naked or made out on the show."

So what is Skars trying to tell us, exactly?

Basically, what we've been saying all along—sexuality is just so damn weird here in America, no?

At least when it comes to guy-on-guy stuff. It's taboo. That's probably why we prefer our celeb hunks European or Australian. We just mesh much better with their views on sexuality! And no—we're not implying Skarsgård is gay, just game. Also, that it's friggin' awesome he's so comfortable with himself. Certainly makes us think the vampire hunk is even cooler. Didn't know that was possible!

A.S. continued to be quite cryptic when talking to the mag as he dished out some rather nondescript dating advice.

"It's not about what you do, but who you do it with—that's most important," 'fesses the Swedesh hunk. "If you are with someone who is awesome and having a good time, you can sit at a bus station and still have fun."

Um, anyone else noticing Skarsgård neglected to use a single pronoun there? Surely he's talking about current squeeze Kate Bosworth. Right? So why all of a sudden so shy? The two were everything but sneaky at the Coachella festival the other weekend.

Could it be there's another special someone is Alexander's life? Or just what we've been saying all along, Skarswood isn't in it for the long haul. But have fun while it lasts, you two!


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