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Only 32 more days until Sex and the City 2 comes out!

While we prepare ourselves for the fab four to return to the big screen, we sat down with Max Ryan, who plays Samantha's love interest in the flick, to chat about all things Sex.

Obviously mucho about the sequel is being kept way under wraps thanks to that $2.5 million NDA, but we were able to get this hunk's thoughts on what it was like going toe-to-toe with walking horn-honey Kim Cattrall:

"It wasn't a walk in the park," Ryan tells us, when we asked how it was basically playing Cattrall's sex object. "That's a serious challenge, I'm going to be honest with you! Especially when I first started to look at the movie, I was like, 'Wow, I really have something to figure it out here!' "

But Ryan insists he ended up performing his manly duties, in the end. Indeed, Max dished he's all about the gal empowerment the movie celebrates, but that it does make things hard for the studs:

"I mean, look at the guys [in Sex and the City]. They come and go. It's really all about the [female] characters in the movie; they all have the essence of what life is. They've got the relationships, the child, the friendships and so on, but there has to be a dark horse, and that's Samantha!"

Sam, BTW, is obviously our favorite character. And Mr. Ryan told us he's not entirely intimidated by Kim's sexually advanced character.

"[Samantha]'s showing women's liberation and the strength of women, and that she can still hold it at her mature age. And she can get younger guys! Give [Samantha] credit!"

Ummm, who is hearting Max more and more that he's not intimidated by a strong woman? Then again, after working with Cattrall, how can he not be Team Sam? She's so fierce, we just love it.

And it looks to us like sexy Max figured out it's just fine how to be the sex object in a film. Kinda refreshing, that switcheroo, don't you think?

Stay tuned for tons more Sex goss coming your way later this week!


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