Grab a fork and join us for a look back at the week's finest moments in Soup!

• According to the esteemed judges, American Idol warbler Lee Dewyze has faced a chronic problem with a vacant, glazed, baked stage presence. Could the chronic be his problem?

• Speaking of idols who are American, Willie Nelson is one. And he can scare Larry King just by being stoned.

• And speaking of scary, Paris Hilton needs a BFF so bad she had to go to England to find one. Proving Brits are just as crazy as Yanks.

• Your very own Joel McHale and The Hangover star Ken Jeong want you reckless teens to lay off the texting while driving. And they made a video to prove it. Go text someone about it.

• The ladies of Jerseylicious reveal fun facts about sharing sex partners in the greater tri-state area. Apparently that hair and make-up actually work.

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