Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston

We're so stupidly smitten by 17-year-old Miley Cyrus and her ahead-of-time ways that we can never pass up an opportunity to chat with one of M's past romantic conquests.

Voila! Justin Gaston!

We know, don't be too jealous, we got to spend some exclusive quality time with the singer-slash-model, looking all shaggy and doable, all casual-like.

Yep, we ran into Cyrus' ex beau at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Style Party, and we simply had to check in on whether how well he's nursed his achy breaky heart—and what he really took away from dating M.C. (hint: he's ready for someone older)...

Nice job on American Idol last week!
Thank you.

You actually performed not too long after Miley. Are you two still on good terms? Did she give you any tips when facing the large audience?
Yeah, I mean we're friends or acquaintances or whatever you'd like to call it. Yeah, she was on before me, but I actually didn't get to see [her performance]. How'd she do?

She did fab per usual.
Well, good.

So are you two friendly enough to maybe do a duet together?
One day...maybe.

Gotcha. So you seem to have totally bounced back after the split and are currently single we hear.

After dating Miley, what are you looking for in a relationship?
A really nice, sweet girl that's pretty and nice.

Do you want another famous, high-profile girlfriend?
I'm not looking for anyone famous. Whoever! I don't know who it's gonna be.

Maybe someone a little older or more mature than Miley?
Probably...yeah. Well, I wouldn't say more mature! No. I don't know who it's gonna be yet.

Aw, Justin really is a nice kid. And we totally agree with him...Cyrus is very mature for her age. And we're not being sarcastic, mean it.

It's just hardish for Miles (who was 16 at the time) to date a 23 year old. So, can anyone predict what we're going to say? Nick Jonas is just the perf age for her!

Sorry, Liam, nothing against you, we totally heart ya, but you know we're gonna push Niley tlil it happens again (which it so will).

As for Justin, maybe a babe like Nikki Reed, who was at the same fete solo sizzling in pink, could be good for him. Or is she still going strong with Paris Latsis?

Who knows. Anyone care?


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