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Party Down Cast Proclaims: "We're Better Than Glee!"

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Hollywood is a rough town.

"We're better than Glee," Martin Star scoffs. "Waaay better than Glee," chimes in Ryan Hansen. What? Isn't that synonymous with The Beatles saying they were bigger than Jesus?

Who do these Party Down people think they are?

Relax, Gleeks. They're just being funny. Because that is what they do best. The second season of Party Down premieres tonight, and it is a freaking funny show. How do we know? Well, we watch it, for one thing. And because the cast, who we chatted up their Paley Center for Media second-season premiere, are all a bunch of insanely hilarious eggs.

"What's my character arc?" Ryan, who plays aspiring actor-slash-dimwit Kyle, asks his costar. "You have no arc, you're an idiot," deadpans Martin. "You make out with more chicks, you try and hit on more girls, become successful." Wait, someone on the catering team actually becomes successful? "The high point for me at the very end is that my band gets to play at Jane Lynch's wedding," dishes Ryan. That's right, the second season wraps up with the marriage of Constance Carmell, played by Jane, who is currently starring on the show that Party Down has a beef with. Ironic, no?

"It's hard for me to watch her on Glee," admits Ken Marino, who directed the season finale, which he calls "awesome." With Jane on board, that's a big fat duh. "I love her and I think Glee is very good, but it's heartbreaking because we lost her."

The problem is, they might not have an opportunity to snatch Lynch back. Adam Scott has his gig with Parks and Recreation, and Ryan has been cast in the pilot Friends With Benefits for NBC.

Don't worry about the cast should Party Down not get a season three—they have day jobs to fall back on. After all, Ken has his bartending license. And he brought proof!

The second season of Party Down premieres tonight on Starz.


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