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The glitz. The glamour. packs and the ACE bandages?

This is what I witnessed last night on the set of the Fox hit Glee, as not one, not two, but three backup dancers were injured while filming the intense season finale—one of those dancers being Vivian Nixon, the daughter of Debbie Allen, who collided with a camera.

You know fame costs, right? (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

So what were they shooting, and why did it get so intense?!

The cast and backup dancers were shooting the almighty "Regionals" show-choir competition between New Directions (you know, Rachel, Finn and the gang) and Vocal Adrenaline (Idina Menzel's evil spawn) that will air as part of Glee's first-season finale on June 8.

Thankfully, I'm told the dancers are doing fine. Especially after receiving a very special parting gift from executive producer Brad Falchuk, who (no joke) handed out first aid kits to all the dancers as a thank-you gift last night. (News flash: Falchuk is made of 100 percent Awesome Sauce and this just proves it.) A spray bottle of "blood remover" was also on set during the shoot. True story.

So if the amount of sweat, tears and, yes, blood on the Glee set are any indication, the cast and crew are working their you-know-whats off, and these performances have to be some of the best we've ever seen, right?

And how.

In fact, fellow Gleeks, without giving anything away, I can tell you that the season finale is looking amazing. It's so well done, so touching, and just so mind-blowingly…good. (Confession: I cried. I got chills. And I completely Gleeked out. If you see a woman sitting in the back of the auditorium, jumping up and down and flailing her arms during the season finale, it's, um...not me.)

Even better? You have seven more episodes of Glee to enjoy before the show's first-season finale, starting with this Tuesday's episode with returning guest star Kristin Chenoweth. Check out these sneak peeks of "Home"…


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