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    Jodie Sweetin's Sour Marriage in the Books

    Jodie Sweetin, Cody Herpin Todd Williamson/Getty Images

    Jodie Sweetin's house is half full. Or, as she would prefer it, half empty now that her nasty divorce is a done deal. A judge has made the split official, her rep confirms to E! News.

    The marriage came to a crashing halt in all of three years. The former Full Houser  married Cody Herpin, a transportation coordinator, in July 2007, after just two months of dating. They welcomed their daughter, Zoie, the following April. But by November 2008 they had separated.

    Things got ugly fast. Herpin claimed Sweetin had fallen off the wagon and sought full custody of Zoie. She repeatedly denied the allegations, insisting she was still sober. Ultimately, they reached an uneasy truce and agreed to joint custody.

    "Cody and I try to get along the best we can for Zoie's sake," she told us last year. "It's not great, but we do our best to be there for her."

    (Originally published April 21, 2010, at 1:11 p.m. PT)

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