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DWTS: Kate Gosselin Gets Emotional Backstage


Say what you will about Kate Gosselin, but one thing's for sure: That plus-eight of hers is always on her mind. So much so that of the "many things" that Dancing With the Stars has taught her, the standout life lesson she picked up involves—what else?—motherhood.

Here's what she just told us backstage tonight, which you should only read if you've seen the episode:

Spoiler Alert! Kate was in fact the mover and shaker sent on her merry way tonight, much to the surprise of, well, no one. But the mom told us she hopes the experience serves as an example.

"I want my kids to see that there are scary things in life, but if someone else can do it, you can do it, too," the self-proclaimed crybaby told us through those teary eyes you saw earlier tonight on the show.

Valuable life lessons aside, Kate is disappointed. "Obviously, I'm a mom first and to go home and see the kids is a good thing," she said. "But truly, I am very sad. I don't feel like I accomplished what I wanted to."

That's where we disagree. With scores like Kate's and the harsh but mostly true comments by the judges week to week, the fact that she stuck around the competition as long as she did was a huge accomplishment! Still, we get it; she's bummed. Oh, and the kids will be, too.

"They'll be glad to have me back." But she emphasized, "They'll be sad they won't get to see me dance anymore, so it's going to be hard, but it'll be OK."

And Bachelor-no-more Jake Pavelka, for one, will miss Kate. "I'm ecstatic about being gifted another week here, but it's sad to see anyone go," he told us. And partner Chelsie Hightower echoed the sentiments, calling her a "sweetheart" who will be missed.

Did the right woman go home? Do you believe all of Kate's kiddo talk? You know what to do! Fill in those fun thoughts of yours in the comments section!


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