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    Morning Piss: Justice, Hollywood-Style

    Redmond O’Neal, Cameron Douglas AP Photo/Nick Ut; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

    Hollywood continues its long line of weirdo, apparently deranged legal maneuverings (OJ, multirehabbed Lindsay Lohan, anyone?) with the sentencing of Cameron Douglas.

    Daddy Michael swept in at the final hour for a plea to Judge Richard Berman, stating how Cameron's problems were ultimately all the elder Douglas' fault, him being so famous and all. Cam, who doesn't seem man enough to take responsibility for his own actions, couldn't handle the pressure, it seems.

    That's a pretty feeble excuse.

    Drug addicts are drug addicts because we have a disease (I'm a recovering alcoholic and drug addict myself), not because of what our extenuating circumstances may be. And what's even more pathetic in this scenario is that Berman—whose salary we help pay—bought the damn doofus thinking!

    It's poor little rich addict all over again:

    Remember how Redmond O'Neal was given multiple stabs at getting his drug-addled act together, only to repeatedly blow them before judges who didn't have the nerve to really do right by Farrah's kid? Don't these legal protectors realize that continuing to coddle and provide special treatment only encourages the offenders to keep going back out there and getting high all over again? Maybe the damn judges are high themselves?

    Sure looks that way.

    But the most sickening part here is the double standard: Show me one kid from the projects who keeps having problems with drugs (whose dad comes in to say it's all his fault, for truly stressful reasons such as poverty, for example), and you think that child's gonna get an easier sentence?

    No way. Prisons are overflowing with evidence to the contrary.

    Get with it, judges. Peoples' lives are at stake here, not their lineages.


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