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    Caught! Renée Jolts Herself Before Brad Visit

    Renee Zellweger Fame Pictures Inc.

    Renée Zellweger, poor thing. The overly caffeinated girl tinkers with her increasingly strange appearance as much as she follows her beau around like a lovesick (and starved) puppy dog. Seems like the babe will do anything for love—especially after her disastrous marriage, which ex Kenny Chesney has decided to blab about now, tacky bastard.

    While Renée-love was spotted in Philly this weekend visiting yummy Bradley Cooper (who was filming Dark Fields), the notoriously private star was spotted stick-thin in L.A. right before she took off for the East Coast…doing her favorite errand—grabbing coffee!

    And although it wasn't cold outside, our java source says something looked a little frozen…

    And it wasn't Renée's mocha special, it was her damn face!

    Fellow caffeine lovers were surprised to see the A-lister out and about in Pacific Palisades, where she was picking up coffee from the local Starbucks.

    "She was smiling," reported our posh-hood source about the Texan-born babe. "But it looked like her face couldn't even move—it looked like some bad something."

    Hmm. Too-strenuous time-spinning? Bad chemical peel? Or perhaps something more toxic?

    (Like Renée discovering Bradley's ultimately not the right guy for her, but—oops!—that's just us being naughty, never mind!)

    The svelte Oscar winner looked absolutely tiny in her workout gear, we're also advised. Clearly the mocha frappuccino is not her drink of choice, after all. Shocker.

    Oh, and one more thing, Renée, sweetie: You're going for coffee almost as a vocation these days, it seems. Ask Jake Gyllenhaal how that career choice worked out for him.


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