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Man, good bio moms are hard to come by these days!

After the recent possible spoiler about Rachel's (Lea Michele) evil bio mom on the Fox hit Glee, we've unearthed some not-so-pleasant things about Elena's (Nina Dobrev) bio mom over on the CW's ultra-addictive Vampire Diaries.

Isobel (Mia Kirshner) is coming back to TVD's Mystic Falls in a big way—so big that the CW peeps put together a promo specifically to tease you. And we have the exclusive first look at that ad right here along with lots more scoop on Lost, Grey's Anatomy and more...

Wendell: What can you tell us about Elena's birth mother on The Vampire Diaries?

Vampire Diaries, Promo


Turns out that when you discover your birth mother is the same evil woman who blew up the plane that started Fox's 24—the always badass Mia Kirshner—things probably aren't gonna be all puppies and roses. Mia will return for next Thursday's, April 29, episode of The Vampire Diaries on the CW, and then she'll be front and center in the explosive May 6 ep, conveniently called "Isobel." In the episode, Isobel will shock her ex-husband Alaric (Matt Davis) when she cruises back into town and demands a meeting with the daughter she fought so hard to keep away, Elena. Based on the slogan in the not-yet-released promo above—"Connected to her mother by blood, not love"—and on what sources tell me, it's not gonna be the prettiest of all mother-daughter reunions. But it is gonna be some awesome TV! In fact, I'm hearing the final episodes of TVD's first season will blow you away. Get ready.

Nelson in Orlando, Fla.: What's the word on Glee?

The word is favorite. And that's all I can say about next week's episode, which is my favorite Glee episode of all time, the one after Madonna. Why? 'Cause it's emotional and just so well done. (Hear the twang twang of my heartstrings?) More scoop on that below. Also, I can tell you that next Monday, I will be hosting the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences panel session with the Glee cast and producers, because, according to my friends at Fox, Conan, Rosie and Joss Whedon weren't available. I'm pretty sure they were kidding, and if they weren't, there were about 50 other people they asked post-Joss and pre-me, but that hasn't stopped me from doing the Happy Snoopy Dance 24/7 since the invite! Send your questions for the cast and crew to me via Twitter @kristinalert, via email at, via the comments section below or via telepathy—though the former mediums might be more reliable.

Allison Mack

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UltimateGleek via Twitter: Will Michael Rosenbaum or Kristin Kreuk return to Smallville? And will Allison Mack be on the new season?
A source tells me "no chance" for Kristin, even though she's free now after being recast in Josh Schwartz's new pilot. I'm also told that Allison Mack has not yet signed a deal for season 10, but, "I'm sure she'll be there," says this reliable insider. As for the bald beauty that is Lex Luthor, the answer is…Keep the hope alive? Says show runner Brian Peterson: "We have never ever given up hope, but at this point, that's all it is. We have a great relationship with Michael; it just hasn't happened yet. I would never give up hope until the final second." It's not the hell yes! we were hoping for, but it's better than a no, right?

Brian in Texas: Any Mad Men news?
In case you didn't hear, Mad Men creator Matt Weiner is pulling a Lost and has announced plans to wrap AMC's megahit. Don't worry, it's not an immediate thing. He's just decided to put a cap on our favorite Men before they overstay their welcome, saying it won't run longer than six seasons, à la Lost once more. Pretty brills if you ask us.

Mike in Alexandria, Va.: I'm dying for news on One Tree Hill! Please tell us, will it survive? Or will the CW pick up Life Unexpected instead?
Still no decisions yet, but they both could come back—possibly with shortened seasons, so keep the faith! We'll find out May 20. As for OTH, I'll be (hopefully) talking to James Lafferty and/or Rob Buckley this week, so please email me any Q's you have or send them via twitter @kristinalert.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder

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Bear in Sacramento, Calif.: Could you please give us some scoop on Damon and Elena? Are they really going to become a real thing? Will they really get closer?
Yes, they will get closer! And yes, he will start seeing her as more than just a Katherine knockoff. You Stefan-Elena fans will not be pleased, and you Damon-Elena fans will have much to squee about in coming episodes, from what I hear! Damon will help Elena with her new mother situation (along with Stefan), and that will draw them together a little more.

Jorge Garcia, Lost

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Aaron in Boulder, Colo.: Are there any OMG moments we should look forward to in the final hours of Lost?
Well, besides all of the remaining hours of Lost?! Yes, in fact. We've been telling you about this crazy episode 15 where there are no series regulars present for months, and Jorge Garcia (Hurley) just gave us the goods on why it's so amazing. "Episode 15 is on the level of what 'Ab Aterno' was like this season. People who were big fans of 'Ab Aterno' are going to love this," he promised. "Total movie quality. It's such a huge piece of mythology that is a big, big, big story. It was just such a great read. It was almost like not even reading an episode of Lost." Is that OMG enough for you? No? Well how about a major death that will literally leave you sobbing at some point in the next few weeks? That big enough for you? And can I have a hug?

Joanna in Nebraska: Chuck, please! I'm dying for some new news.
In next week's new episode of Chuck, you'll say a sad so long to Ellie and Awesome as they ship out to Africa. The worst part? Chuck's so busy with the spy game he misses their send-off, sending big sis into a tizzy. Oh and there's some pretty fan-freaking-tastic stuff between Chuck and Sarah and Morgan and Casey, but we'll save that for another day. Say...tomorrow? Come back in the morning for some exclusive scoop on Chuck. We promise, it's good.

Grey's Anatomy, Kevin McKidd, Sandra Oh


Drew in New Orleans: Can you give us a hint as to who breaks up and who hooks up on Grey's Anatomy?
Well, for the split, I think it's pretty clear from Patrick Dempsey that it's not Meredith and Derek. And I have an exclusive interview with Kevin McKidd I'll be posting before the next new episode (next Thursday), and it should be pretty obvious as to whether it's Cristina and Owen. As for the hookup, I already revealed one of the parties is McSteamy, and let's just say that Lexie is going to have some serious issues with his new, stinky little ho—and you NBC fans will get the stinky reference! The good thing is that Lexie has such a problem with this, it's clear she still has deep feelings for Sloane, and I'd put a whole wad of money (like, literally, hundreds…of pennies!) on them getting back together at some point.

Meghan in New Jersey: I hope Grey's Anatomy keeps getting better as the season goes on. Will it?
Life's going to get a little less peachy for Chief Derek when he's forced to respond to a wrongful death suit against him. And taking a note from the Dunder Mifflin handbook, Seattle Grace is about to enroll in sensitivity training after making light of a 700-pound patient they must work on. Where's Michael Scott and a "that's what she said" when you need one? 

Brittany in Philadelphia: Gimme some Gleeky goodness, please.
Glee takes a serious turn following this week's Madge-tastic episode, in "Home." Look for some major body-image issues from Mercedes, the revelation of why Sue Sylvester is such a raging be-yotch (she hasn't eaten in decades!) and an intervention from an unlikely friend. Guesses? Also, that parental hookup we've been hearing so much about finally happens. And we have to say that we're loving Mike O'Malley even more as Kurt's dad. "It's like a diabolical Parent Trap if you will," Chris Colfer tells us of Finn's mom and Kurt's pops. "It's more clever than Parent Trap actually because we are creating love that was never there."

Jacine in Los Angeles: Brothers & Sisters is back to being amazing! What can you tease?
The Walker bros are finding it hard to stay happy when Justin struggles to enjoy a life of medicine and Kevin is not digging the life of the unemployed. Might we suggest a job swap, guys? 

Nora in Baltimore, Md.: Private Practice, please and thank you.
Boom-chick-a-bow-wow! Sheldon is making a play for Charlotte in a big way. It's about time, no?

Peter Krause, Dirty Sexy Money

Vivian Zink/ABC

Mickie in Avalon, Calif.: Any Parenthood scoop you can spill?
After watching what Adam and Kristina have gone through with Max and his Asperger's, Julia and Joel begin to worry that their sweet little Sydney might have the same thing. In other parenting news, Crosby's going to keep getting more and more invested in this whole "having a kid thing" and takes on the responsibility of planning Jabaar's birthday extravaganza. And get this, Crosby's going take his baby mama on a hot date very soon. A real one!

Karen in Michigan: I love Jane Krakowski! Does she have anything good ahead on 30 Rock?
If the comedy styling's of Saturday Night Live's Will Forte tickle your fancy, then yes, 30 Rock's Jenna has some good stuff ahead. Her too-good-to-be-true boy-toy is in fact that, and Liz and Pete are determined to get to the bottom of it before Jenna falls too hard. 

Joey in Hawaii: What else is coming up on 30 Rock?
A big ol' wedding! Sadly, Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy aren't the ones taking a stroll down the aisle. (Come on, producers! Get with the program, would ya?) Right-hand man Grizz is taking the plunge, and Tracy and Dot Com fight over who gets to act as best man. Of course it's Liz to the rescue, as always. 

Stephanie from Orlando, Fla.: I love Accidentally on Purpose. Tell me about the birth of Billie's baby!
My, you're bossy. The big ending to the season will of course be Billie's baby being born. Say that five times fast. As expected, Billie (Jenna Elfman) is freaking out, and Davis (Nicolas Wright) is more concerned about using centimeters to measure penis length because it "sounds a lot more impressive." Also, Larry Wilmore is guesting as her doctor, which is very, very awesome.

Maureen in Oklahoma City, Okla.: Are we ever going to see more of the hilarious dynamic between Shirley and Pierce on Community?
As a matter of fact, in a few weeks, we're going to see a return to the inappropriate relationship between the two that started things off on Community. In fact, "the event" that goes down between Pierce and Shirley causes a rift within the group and the gang must chose sides, including Jeff (Joel McHale). But really, there's no choice. It's pretty obvious who's right and who's wrong, and one Spanish study grouper ends up out in the cold. Guesses as to who's in big t-r-o-u-b-l-e?

Steve Carell, The Office


Cara in Sioux Falls, S.D.: When is Michael getting that new love interest on The Office?
Soon! We already met her during Michael's happy hour with Jim and Pam, and now she's back in a big way. Jam is going to team up for the very first time to sell Donna (Amy Pietz) some Dunder Mifflin goodies, and Michael is still in the early phases of flirting with her, but he just can't read her signals right. His solution? The study of body language, of course.

Erica in Turkey: We need some Chuck and Blair scoop that is good please on Gossip Girl!
I'm so sad to have to say this, but I don't have anything new to report on the Chair front. I'm trying to keep the faith with you, and I know they will reunite at some point, but it might not be superquick, sorry.

Ember from Los Angeles: Marshall and Lily are the best married couple on television. Fact. Got any scoop on my favorite couple?
I do love some Marshmallow and Lilypad. In an upcoming episode, you'll see your favorite couple spending a weekend sleeping in twin beds. You'd think a crazy-in-love couple like Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) would swear off sleeping in different beds forever after that. Hardly. But those two actually get twin beds for their home! Good luck on procreating in separate beds, Mr. and Mrs. Erikson. 

Elise from Austin, Texas: I just can't get on board with Gia and Adrianna on 90210. I miss her and Navid being together. Any hope?
Well, I'd say yes, after sitting down with Michael Steger to talk about the rest of the season. He says Navid and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) "develop a strong friendship again." That's good news, yes? I can also tell you that their bond gets stronger because of some changes in her music career. And what of Navid's new girl Lila (Amber Wallace)? "We take it to another level, but it's a temporary thing," Michael dishes. So hope is lost for all you Adrianna/Navid fans! 

Rebecca in Oregon: Any hope for Naomi and Liam?
I'm told she'll be single for a while. Sorry.

 Massena in Austin, Texas: Producers have claimed Tess and Chloe are a lot alike on Smallville. What do they mean, and why are they having them interact more?
"That's dead-on," show runner Brian Peterson tells us. "They're a lot alike and yet very different. Tess always has to be hooked to a hero, always supporting some kind of hero, whether they end up being good or bad. But Chloe has moved into becoming a hero in her own right. We haven't quite developed Tess's character as much as we're going to." Still, there's more to come. "People will have a lot of fun in these last few episodes because there's a lot of Tess and Chloe."

Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco

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Danika from Culver City, Calif.: Nurse Jackie gets better every episode. I love Dr. Cooper! Got any scoop?
Nurse Jackie is one of my current favorites, so you are not alone in your love. Case in point: Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) becoming the face of All Saints Hospital leads to a campaign slogan that is so fantastically awful you will laugh out loud. But as always with Jackie (Edie Falco), the episode isn't all laughs. There is trouble a-brewin' for her and hubby Kevin (Dominic Fumusa).

Maxie in Utah: United States of Tara is better than ever! Anything good on the way?
Remember a few weeks ago when we hinted that Max had sort of turned to the dark side on United States of Tara? Things are about to go completely haywire when a social services worker stops by the house to check on the kids—aka he totally loses it. (And now would be the time to say that John Corbett has been amazing so far this season and deserves some Emmy talk…just sayin'.) Also, the real daddio of Charmaine's baby will find out. Sooner than later. 

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—Additional reporting by Megan Masters and Jenna Mullins

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