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    Who Was Kristen Stewart's Coachella Date?

    Kristen Stewart Courtesy: Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

    While Robert Pattinson's away, Kristen Stewart will play! Tamely, that is.

    By now you've all heard that K.Stew did, in fact, hit up the Coachella Valley Music Festival, making a rare public appearance at the Lacoste Pool Party with a few pals.

    Fresh from Budapest and London where she was spending time with her BF Rob, Kristen kept it cool in the desert heat with a black cutoff tee and Dodgers hat.

    We're told her mood was "fun and mellow" as she danced in place a bit to the house DJs on site.

    So is it true ex-boyf Michael Angarano was by her side throughout the weekend?

    Despite some of the reports out there, we're told Michael was not Kristen's Coachella cruising partner. Instead, Stewart opted to hang with her brother, who accompanied her last minute to the desert shindig.

    No word yet if people were just mixing up K.Stew's guy pals or if Angarano was even at the festival at all, but we're told Kristen was just there to "listen to great music and hang with friends."

    Can't blame her! She's been such a jet-setter lately, she totally deserves some time to chill out and listen to tunes.

    Kristen was apparently in the desert since Friday, but kept a superlow profile until stopping by the Lacoste party. Glad Stewart got some time to chill with her friends in a non-paparazzi setting, ‘cause both paps and reporters told us finding Rob's gal-pal was their "number 1 priority of the weekend" which turned out pretty unsuccessfully. Score one for Team Kristen!

    Even once K.Stew made it in to the concert she still was able to have some under the radar fun, enjoying the bands without lenses constantly in her face.

    Instead of being all Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton, who basically just hung in the VIP garden that was packed with reporters, we're told by onlookers that Kristen mixed in with the regular crowd when catching some of her fave bands.


    Her unique Coachella look was another of Kristen's daring fashion choices. Check out more of her style in our Fashion Spotlight: Kristen Stewart gallery!