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Sandra Bullock Blindsided by the Razzies...Not So Fast!

Sandra Bullock Dan Steinberg/AP Photo

UPDATE: No, the Razzies aren't hating on Sandra Bullock.

Awards cofounder John Wilson tells E! News today that the idea he's demanding the award back from the beleaguered Blind Side Oscar winner is a load of hooey disseminated by the British press, which took a previous interview he gave out of context.

"I made the mistake of offhandedly mentioning [in the original interview] that the award she walked off with was the original prototype," he says. "What actually happened was that we didn't know Sandra was going to attend until about 10 minutes before she walked out on the stage."

And that's when things went kablooey...

Wilson says in the chaos, he handed her the original prototype for the trophy, thinking she was going to stick around and he could exchange it with a spray-painted engraved replica for Worst Actress in All About Steve. The "winners" receive a budget-friendly replica worth about $5 a pop.

Unfortunately, the actress had another engagement and bolted before he could approach her.

When news of her hubby Jesse James' infidelities broke a couple of days later, the Razzie folks figured they'd "just leave it alone." Wilson says he contacted Bullock's publicist to make the switch but never meant for his request to be made public.

Instead, the U.K.'s Telegraph had a report this weekend in which Wilson claims he was quoted out of context saying he was "ready to take the unprecedented step of asking a winner to return a Razzie."

Now Wilson wants us to know there were no hard feelings toward Bullock and the Razzies weren't piling on during this rough period in her personal life.

"It's really about the sentiment of it," Wilson explains to E! News. "The one she has is the very first, the one I designed and handmade 30 years ago. This was not about 'if I get it back, I could sell it for how many pounds' or whatever."

Besides, says Wilson, he's not sure the award is well-deserved.

"I wouldn't say she was the worst actress of the year, though. I mean, did anyone actually see Megan Fox in Transformers 2?"

(Originally published April 18, 2010, at 5:45 p.m. PT)


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