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Dear Ted:
With the recent breakup between Gossip Girl couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, have either of them ever been a B.V.? Apparently Jessica's been getting around behind Ed's back. So if she was really hooking up with all these people, there's no way it could have gone unnoticed, right?

Dear XOXO:
There's plenty the G.G. cast does that flies under the radar, trust. And while the antics of these two may have come to light of late, it's the real dirty stuff that stays under wraps—you know, the B.V.-worthy stuff. At least one of the Gossip gals or dudes has their own skanky vice, but which sexy star is it?

Dear Ted:
So, is Nevis Divine Jude Law? Am I in the right ballpark, at least?

Dear Divine Intervention:
Not quite, but Jude Law and Nev definitely share at least one significant quality.

Dear Ted:
Isn't it unfair that just because Angelina Jolie brings her kids on the balcony every morning, everyone assumes it's a publicity stunt? Maybe her kids just want to go on the balcony! Shouldn't she bring them? Or tell them they can't do anything because there are paps outside? While we're on that subject, the Beckhams used to have their children's faces blocked in magazines. How did they do that and why doesn't everyone do it? I sure would.

Dear Snappy:
. There are plenty of ways Ange could let her kiddos get some fresh air without hoisting them over the balcony to smile for the waiting paps. A.J. may be a good mom, but she's still an A-lister wanting some tab attention, don't forget. And why do these children have to be trotted around from estate to hotel to estate all over the world? Don't kids want a regular house to grow up in?

Dear Ted:
Any news on Nelly Fang or hints as to who he is? (BTW, I have a 7-year-old rescue dog who loves her gossip online.) Thanks!

Dear Likes It Woof:
Supersexy Nelly Fang has gone into hiding, lately. Our love for the vampy hunk must have scared him because his pals are superprotective now about not letting the stud's secrets slip. Not like him to be scared, either, weird.

Dear Ted:
You seem so certain there is no chance of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams ever getting back together in the future. Do you have any dirt on either one of them to make you certain that ship has sailed on for good?

Dear Romance Rebound:
I think the problem is fans who are so certain they will get back together. Sure, the duo was a great (and very sexy) couple—but The Notebook is just a movie. In real life, couples don't always last, no matter how hot they may be.

Dear Ted:
Your column is rotting my brain! I used to read actual books, but now I just obsess about your column. So here's my query: Are there any A-list actors left who actually like the ladies? Name three?

Dear Books Shmooks:
I guess there are a few straight dudes in H'wood. Off the top of my head? Gosling, Worthington and...gosh, think that's about it.

Dear Ted:
Sad to say one of the strays we adopted was hit by a car and died yesterday. Cheer me up! Are Bored Broomhilda and Buzz Thrill still together?

Dear Sweetheart:
So sorry for your loss, really I am. And no, more sad news: Bored did just as I said: Buzz is total toast.

Dear Ted:
Has Matt Dallas ever been a B.V.?

Dear Kyle XY Fan:
No. I take it you'd like him to be?

Dear Ted:
If it's not Summit's issue with David Slade and the source told you, "It's just not all there," in regard to Eclipse, do you have any insight as to what the it that's missing is? Or can you give us your best guess, at least. This whole thing sounds confusing.

Dear Best Guess:
A good script? That's what's been missing from the last two, but Summit keeps making excuses around this unavoidable fact.

Dear Ted:
I know you say that Rob, Kristen and Nikki all get along and will be completely professional on the set of Breaking Dawn, but I am curious, are Kristen and Nikki still friends? We always used to see them together outside of "work," but Nikki was nowhere in sight at The Runaways premiere, and now she's pulled out of K-11. Does this mean their friendship is over, too?

Dear Frenemies:
Let's just say—while they make get along on set—the duo are definitely not BFFs anymore. Sad too, because both of them are supertalented and superhot, which, come to think of it, is the perfect formula for a drama-filled friendship, no?

Dear Ted:
I know Rob is not Nevis from all of your clues, and everyone would know it too if they would just pay attention. I think it is Cam Gigandet, what do you think?

Dear Wrong-O:
Sorry, babe, but Nevy isn't quite as ripped as sexy daddy Cam. Good guess though—actually, really good guess.

Dear Ted:
I'm a little confused by the argument some people use that if a gay A-lister comes out, such as Toothy or Nevis Divine, it will make it easier for other gay people to come out from all walks of life. Isn't coming out a personal journey for an individual? I don't believe a wealthy actor coming out in liberal Hollywood would make it easier for a young store clerk living in a small Southern town. Don't you feel it's too much pressure to put on actors and actresses who are not out to be unwilling role models? I understand the lying to the public is wrong, but I don't think outing people publicly or blindly is justified.

Dear the Norm:
You're right in that coming out is different for different people, but the more gay role models and gay public figures there are, the more exposure the noninformed get of the LGBT community—which is huge. And when those walls come down, coming out should be a bit easier for everyone, no?

Dear Ted:
Heard any rumblings of what Sandra Bullock's next steps are with that loser husband of hers? Being the unforgiving, judgmental bitch I am, I'd leave that jerk high and dry. I feel for Ms. Bullock.

Dear Divorce Court:
The Sandra camp has kept her legal affairs very discreet of late—something Jesse obviously couldn't do with his marital affairs—so mum's the word on what the babe plans to do next. As long as she's happy, right? But I'm told her friends don't want her to remain in the marriage—not that Sandy's ever done anything she didn't want to.


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