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    Source: "Elin Is Over Tiger"

    Tiger Woods, Elin Woods AP Photo

    Tiger Woods is back in the swing of things on the golf course, with at least two tournaments on the horizon. But he shouldn't expect much of a cheering section—at least on the home front.

    Nearly five months after learning of her husband's alleged affairs, Elin Nordegren wants to pursue a better life and is consulting with divorce lawyers in Florida and California, sources say.

    The former model/nanny has not spent one night with her husband since he returned from sex rehab in time to prepare for the Masters. Instead, she stays in the Isleworth community near their Orlando, Fla., home in a separate house with the kids and nannies. And she has traveled both alone and with her kids, four times without her husband in the past few weeks.

    "Elin is over Tiger, time to get her house in order," says a source in Orlando familiar with the situation.

    And that can lead to only one place...

    Nordegren is talking to several lawyers about divorce possibilities. A source says she's consulted with two in California and at least two in Florida. E! News has learned, however, that she most likely plans to file in Florida where she and Woods own multiple properties around the state. In addition to the wealthy Orlando community they currently live in, construction is underway on a mansion on Jupiter Island in southern Florida, where their luxury yacht, Privacy, is docked at Old Port Cove Marina.

    Since Nordegren reportedly has a prenup that would give her only $20 million if she stays in the marriage for 10 years, she has had legal experts pursue sweetening the deal. Unconfirmed reports say Woods offered her $80 million more in a revised prenup to keep her happy and stable.

    His money also helped her buy a $2 million Swedish home, called Faglaro Mansion, on a secluded island reachable only by ferry from Stockholm, according to Swedish press reports.

    "For the past five years of their marriage, the couple has spent time in a condo they own in downtown Stockholm," a source says. "Tiger owns other places in the city, too."

    Nordegren, we are told, will soon go to her new Swedish home for a visit.

    In Florida, where there are children involved, the law requires a three-month parental counseling course before any divorce would become legal. It allows the judge to delay the case by three months to give the quarreling couple a chance to sit back and decide if they really want to go through with it. Florida has done this to try and keep divorces to a minimum to protect the children and hope to change the mind of the parent who wants to sever the ties.

    If Nordegren does file, the assets are so numerous, it could take more than a year to review all the properties located across several countries and several states in America.

    Since Woods has two kids, he will get clipped any way you look at it, especially if Nordegren picks the right lawyer with this kind of big-ticket money experience.


    Tiger and Elin used to be the picture of happiness...and we got the photos to prove it.