Chace Crawford


Usually we'd raid Chace Crawford's closet expecting to find a swanky tux or dapper sweater of some sort. You know, the usual über-groomed and boyishly posh look the stud sports—not this lumberjack chic getup he's been so accustomed to lately.

Between his low-pulled hat, far-past-five o'clock shadow, and choice of flannel instead of Ferragamo, we can't help but notice that Chace seems to have lost interest in being the pretty boy of H'wood.

'Tho it was only a matter of time, really...

After being nixed as the next Captain America for (at least according to you guys) being less than macho, C2's image overhaul was expected sooner or later. In Chacey's mind, he probably figures the best way to ditch Gossip Girl and become an A-list superstar hunk is by taking tips from hairyassed Gerard Butler and bearded-burden Brad Pitt.

And, right now, can't say we hate the look. It's nice to see the dude dressed down—casual can be sexy too, right?

Just make sure you keep up some grooming, Chace. There's a fine line between manly and hobo.


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