That's what Kate Gosselin had to say when Jay Leno asked her on the Tonight Show Thursday what ex-hubby Jon Gosselin does for a living.

"Does he have a job?" Leno asked.

"Not that I'm aware of," murmured Kate as she continued to defend her decision to spend three days a week, not including travel time, away from her eight kids. (She also pretty much kept her word that she's not going to speak ill of Jon in public.)

Once again, Kate chalked up her decision to do Dancing With the Stars—"I have to thank all of my voters, because my dancing isn't really keeping me there," she admitted—to economics.

"When work comes my way, I do it so I can literally put food on the table and send my kids to school," she said.

We'll find out next week whether her fox-trot is worth a steak dinner or a trip to the drive-through.


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