Liam Hemsworth, Taylor Lautner

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Liam Hemsworth may be stepping in to fill Taylor Lautner's shoes.

No, Twi-fans, we are not talking about Lautner leaving Twilight or anything to do with our favorite vampire-movie franchise.

Instead, a well-placed source confirms The Last Song star and real-life Miley Cyrus boyfriend has been offered a role Lautner was originally supposed to play…

Lautner, 18, was to be paid $7.5 million to costar in David Ellison's Northern Lights, but he dropped out shortly after snagging the role, according to industry blog Deadline Hollywood.

Fast-forward to today. Hemsworth, 20, is now in the running for the job. (We love us some Liam, but we doubt he'll be getting as big a paycheck as Lautner.)

"The offer is true, but who knows if he'll do it," a source close to Hemsworth tells me. The movie is about four extreme-flying pilots. It was reportedly supposed to start shooting on April 1.

Hemsworth is about to take off for a European tour to promote The Last Song. He's also signed on to star in 3-D action flick Arabian Nights.


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