Recently engaged actress Hilary Duff still isn't used to calling Mike Comrie her fiancé.

Just last night, Hil was asked by E! News who she wanted to win the Stanley Cup.

"Whatever team my boyfriend plays for," she blurted at Good Housekeeping's Shine On event, before recovering with, "the Oilers!"

You'd think with that huge rock on her ring finger, she wouldn't forget Mike's upgrade from boyfriend to fiancé status.

As for how the wedding planning is going?

"I haven't done one thing!" Hilary said. "We don't have a date; I haven't picked a dress so we're just gonna be really casual and easygoing about it." those weren't wedding dresses we saw her carrying out of Vera Wang?

Either way, Hil was in good girlie company last night at the soiree, with Meryl Streep, Jessica Simpson and Kristen Bell also on hand for the party.


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