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Olivia Munn's got a lot on her plate these days. And we're not talking ex Chris Pine.

Along with her cohosting duties on Attack of the Show, the G4 hottie has a cameo in Iron Man 2, hitting theaters May 7, a collection of short stories on the way and a television pilot she's about to start shooting.

But Munn took time out of her busy schedule just before she was due to appear as a guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to talk to E! News about working with Robert Downey Jr., what she's searching for in a guy after breaking up with Star Trek's Chris Pine and a certain Axe she has to grind.

A self-described "geek to the core," the model-turned-thesp said she jumped at the chance to test her improv mettle in Marvel's highly anticipated sequel opposite stars Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle...

"It was such an exciting thing when [director] Jon Favreau called and said, 'Hey we want you to do a cameo in the movie opposite Robert Downey,'" Munn tells E! News. "It was my best experience to date. I was on set getting to do improv with Robert and Don."

After getting props from Downey himself, Munn says she was so excited she celebrated by eating burgers and fries at McDonalds, (not that it shows on those lovely curves of hers).

While that particular scene didn't make the final cut, fanboys will be able to check it out on the DVD. But Favreau liked Munn so much, he brought her back for a second, more "straight-forward" cameo.

"This time, I got to go through and pick a Marvel character that I'll get to be until the end of time," the 29-year-old actress said, without revealing the comic book hero's identity.

Speaking of which, Munn is something of a Comic-Con favorite, having been frequently mentioned as a candidate to lasso the title role in a big-screen Wonder Woman remake. Should it ever get made one day, Munn said she'd love to do it.

In the meantime, the Oklahoma native is enjoying the single life after her January breakup with Pine, who played a young James T. Kirk in last year's Star Trek reboot. She also turned heads recently in an online "social experiment" promo for Axe, pranking random guys who weren't used to a beautiful woman hitting on them so early in the morning.

"I'm looking for somebody that's not an egomaniac," Munn told E! News. "Somebody who's secure but is secure enough to admit their own insecurities...who allows me to be funny without having to one-up me all the time.  Somebody that's loyal and honest and trustworthy and that you feel protected with."

(Et tu, Chris?)

As luck would have it, Munn plans to offer some dating tips of her own in a collection of short stories about her life aptly titled, Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek, hitting bookstores July 6. She's also getting ready to film a pilot from the producers of Friends and 30 Rock entitled Perfect Couple.

Oh, and one other thing guys, she's also really good at math.


We'll definitely be making some room for Olivia among our favorite Sci-Fi babes!

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