Kurt Cobain, John Mayer, JC Chasez, Michael Hutchence, Robert Pattinson

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We feel pretty safe saying that we all want to hear Robert Pattinson sing.

And since he has yet to release an album (and may never do so!), our best hope is for him to pull a Kristen Stewart and star in a musical biopic.

This is probably why so many people got all Twitterpated when they heard the buzz that he might play Nirvana's fallen hero, Kurt Cobain. Alas, that tale is far from confirmed, as Spin especially points out.

But before you get too crestfallen, we have some handsome suggestions for other musicians the vamp could cover. And, Rob, if you get an Oscar for any of these challenging roles, don't forget to thank us!

Rockin' Rob
Who should Robert Pattinson really play?
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