Michelle McGee, Chelsea Handler

Norman Scott/Startraksphoto.com

Maybe we should explain something to Jesse James' alleged side piece: Chelsea Handler is a professional comedian. Which means this is just one of many battles that Michelle "Bombshell" McGee cannot win.

Her ex-husband, at least, knows this and is ready to go into battle for Team Chelsea.

"I want to be on Chelsea's side for it if she wants me," McGee's ex, Shane Modica, tells E! News of the still-simmering war of words between our late-night darling and, well, James' late-night darling.

"I want to help Chelsea smash Michelle because I love Chelsea." The line forms here, buddy!

But just in case Handler has any pressing questions—or a hole to fill in her bookings—Modica has offered himself up "any day, anytime" to appear on Chelsea Lately to answer whatever questions she may have about his ex-wife. We can't speak for Chelsea, but we have a burning query for Modica: Aren't those 15 minutes up yet?


Want more Chelsea? We've got it!

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