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Looks like Mr. Perfect has flaws, after-all.

Meet Buck Me-Good, one of the hottest studs in Hollywood right now, looks and career-wise.

'Tho he may not be a typical Tinseltown type (Buck prefers downing a few with the buds rather than anything remotely red carpet), this boy has made getting famous look easy over time with hit flicks and a hit personality, to boot.

He's got the arm candy, fab reputation, and a slew of powerful friends.

So what's the problem?

His king of the world ego certainly is getting him into some trouble.

While on a flight quite recently, Buck pulled some Naomi Campbell style 'tude and essentially blurred the lines of sexual harassment with those onboard.

Says a sweetie caught in Buck-Me's crude crossfire:

"He was really drunk and apart from throwing around phrases like 'Do you know who I am?' he hit on all the flight attendants and a passenger, even inviting her to his hotel room."

Hey, at least he's got manners and didn't ask her into the lavatory, right?

We know it's oh-so-wrong of him to ask so brutally, but, let's get real: the propositioned honey was a fool not to say yes to Buck! Yes, folks, he's that dreamy.

But...we quickly lost our horny appetites when our friendly-flyin' source swears Buck was not the guy he once was, pre-success.

"It got so bad, he got kicked off the flight. Fame has gone to this hot guy's head," we're told.

We doubt BD's current girlfriend, who most definitely was still together with Buck at the time of his mile-high club attempt, would be too thrilled about this info. But, then, she's gotta have a little Sandy Bullock in her and at least suspect something's goin' on. Let's hope.

Thing is, Buck's star hasn't even ultimately peaked, if you think about it. We see Oscar for this dude one day. This stud-muffin's career is only going to continue getting hotter, trust.

Oh, and consider this a warning, Bucky. There's still time for a major attitude adjustment or else next time we won't be so kind as to wrap this bad-boy behavior up in a Blind Vice, promise.

We have our eye on you. So feel free to go shirtless more often.

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