Kate Gosselin, Brooke Burke, Dancing with the Stars


Dear Kate Gosselin,

Stop being so scared.

At least that's what Dancing With the Stars cohost Brooke Burke thinks ya need to do to up your performances on the dance floor…

"I hope she can overcome her fear," Burke told us when she stopped by E! recently for an appearance on Daily 10. "I'd like to see her get some positive feedback for what she's doing. She's really trying hard."

And if all else fails, Kate, have some fun. "I think people get consumed with the stress element," Brooke said. "It's really important to have fun so people can have fun watching you…It does take a lot to hold it together out there."

And speaking of holding it together, can we just say Burke has one of the best bods we've ever seen. She credits her fine physique to Pilates Plus.

Even so, Burke insists she has no plans to pose for Playboy again: "I can't think of any reason to do it again."


We think Brooke Burke would look fine in a catsuit, don't you agree? Check out some of your favorite celebs in body-hugging ensembles in our Catsuit Creatures photo gallery.

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