You heard it here first, people. Heartbreak is coming to Grey's Anatomy.

And OK, so heartbreak has come nearly every single week for the past six seasons, but we have it on good authority that one of the show's biggest couples will soon be dunzo. And it's gonna leave a mark!

So could it be Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey)? And is there any chance at all that Katherine Heigl could return for a guest spot? Patrick himself tells us exclusively…

Katherine Heigl

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Sorry, but don't hold your breath for a return of Izzie!  "No, I think she's done," Patrick told us while practicing for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, Calif. "I think that's the end with her on the show. It's too bad, we're gonna miss her."

And though Heigl's final talks with ABC may have been a bit heated, Patrick says there was no tension with her costars. "She called everybody, said good-bye and, you know, it's been a real positive experience for her and she left on a good note with everybody on the cast." 

Still, her absence is being felt. "I think it's very sad, we had a great time working with her, we always had a great time, always prepared. And it's a real loss to the show. I think she had a great character and great energy, absolutely beautiful and talented actress, and it's a shame she's moving on." 

So who else is moving on romance-wise on the show? When asked if Meredith and Derek could be the Grey's power couple who will soon call it quits, Patrick tells us: "There will be some relationships that end and go away, and some new ones that begin. Typical Grey's, there's always drama in the relationships, can't seem to get a healthy relationship! So far Meredith and Derek have been good this year, but something will happen I'm sure before the end of the season."

Phew! So it sure sounds like Meredith and Derek are safe for the moment. In fact, as we saw last week, they're even talking about making a Mer-Der junior. "Yes, I think Derek is really wanting to have a baby with Meredith, and a proper wedding, too!" Patrick says.

Stay tuned, 'cause from what I'm hearing, there will be plenty of juicy twists and turns before the season ends to make you forget all about Blondie Mc-What's-Her-Name.

—Reporting by Kelli Tennant

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