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Dear Ted:
So what happened with Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy? I thought those two, as goofy as they are, might actually make a go of it. But then it is Hollywood.

Dear As You Said:
It is Hollywood. It's nearly impossible to sustain a healthy relationship here no matter whether you're famous or not. Granted the odds are even more against those who are celebs. Was still sad to see these two break up though; thought they had a better chance than most, which, actually, is a complete lie. Jim's a comic, remember—they're the darkest bunch in this town. Don't be fooled otherwise.

Dear Ted:
C'mon Ted, Miley Cyrus and her costar, what's his name, they're as much in love as Taylor and Taylor were! It's publicity for the movie, period!

Dear Yes and No:
Miley and Liam want to reap their costar benefits for sure, but it's definitely not like Tay-Squared.

Dear Ted:
Everyone is shocked Sandra Bullock didn't know about Jesse James' exploits since they say he did it so publicly. Therefore, I was wondering if you knew about it before if he was a B.V.? I'd be interested to see how many people outside his immediate circle of workers and friends actually knew how much of a skank-ho he is.

Dear Flashing Lights:
Honestly, Sandra and Jesse lived pretty out of the Hollywood spotlight until this year. Neither of 'em was really on the press's radar until last year with Bullock's Blind Side and The Proposal success, which really catapulted them back into the heart of this twisted world. That's no excuse for J.J.'s behavior. Just think that could be a reason why the timing happened the way it did. Bombshell knew exactly when to sell her story.

Dear Ted:
Good for Anna Paquin for coming out of the closet! She truly is a courageous young woman! My question is, why don't gay celebrities like Toothy Tile and Grey Goose just come out of the closet as bisexual instead of gay? They could still be the subject of teen girls' fantasies, but they could also date who they actually want to while occasionally fitting in a beard or two. Does that make sense?

Dear One Way:
For nonhating people like you and me, sure it makes sense. But you're forgetting there are a helluva lot of folks that so are not OK with the bisexuality—as if anybody asked their permission in the first place. Even if it's a hot babe like Anna or Megan or Angie.

Dear Ted:
Your Kristen Stewart ass-kissing is really making her more overrated than she already is. You know how everyone says this girl is getting way overexposed? Well, they're right. You aren't helping, either. At least Megan Fox is a hottie and she has a personality.

Dear Give Me a Break:
Uh, there's a huge difference. Kristen isn't overexposing herself à la Lohan or Hilton. I see no wrong in giving this talented babe props when deserved. Same goes for Megan. She keeps herself out of the media on a day-to-day basis similar to Stewart. Can't I like them both?

Dear Ted:
OK, we all know how crazy Britney Spears is, and what a hot mess Jessica Simpson is. And no one ever seemed to care about Mandy Moore . But Christina Aguilera is still the most successful and put together out of the three pop tarts. Is she really that normal? Does "Xtina" no longer exist after being a mom?

Dear Stripped:
Sure she does! Penis puppet show anyone? She just knows how to have fun without crossing a shaved head line.

Dear Ted:
Been looking through the Blind Vices certain that Jim and Jenny are in there somewhere! Not having much luck, but I'll keep looking because I'm certain you must've known something was brewing with those two.

Dear Split Shocker:
Nope, neither one.

Dear Ted:
I am a first-timer on here. Sometimes I have this love/hate thing with you. But we all can't see eye-to-eye on everything, now can we? But anyways, I may not like her at all but is Kristen Stewart Nelly Fang? As a bisexual woman myself, I feel sometimes my gaydar is pretty on point for the most part. And I could care less about Robert and Kristen, but if they are together it doesn't mean she can't like women; believe me, I have been with a guy and totally involved but that doesn't mean the ladies don't get me going.

Dear Hot Stuff:
I can tell you Kristen isn't Nelly. Also, I totally agree with you: Love can cross all kinds of sexual boundaries!

Dear Ted:
So now we have a little dirt on Cory Monteith with his admitting he got arrested for stealing a car stereo and found out he has a little bit of a dirty mouth when he told us why he dropped out of school. Are we ever going to get any dirt on Mark Salling? BTW, I am the proud mommy of a pug mix named Holly I rescued from a shelter.
Total Gleek

Dear Young and the Restless:
What young kid doesn't have secrets? But that's really up to Mark to tell, isn't it?

Dear Ted:
So what do you think of Alexander Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth? Real love? Publicity? Friends or friends with benefits? And now that you said A.Skars has been a B.V., has Kate ever been one? Eartha Bertha maybe?

Dear Match Made in Vice Heaven:
Sure, Kate's been a B.V. And I'll go with option number 3 please.

Dear Ted:
I loved the article about Ewan McGregor. I love him! I don't know if you've already said or not, but does he have a Blind Vice? Any hints? Thanks, love you (and Ewan) too!

Dear Too Good to Be True:
Totally. And a really big one, too!

Dear Ted:
I just wanted to address one thing you said in this post about Nicole Kidman. I live in Nashville and I have seen Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban together at the movies on more than one occasion. They stand in line like everyone else at the concession stand and sit with us normals in the theater. The last time I saw them was at Amelia and they seemed comfortable and happy. No one bothered them at all. Not a huge fan, but still. Give her a break. Love ya!
Mother of rat dog

Dear Nashville Cutie:
I could believe that in Nashville. Not in Hollywood. And are you sure she looked happy? That's one word I haven't associated with Kidman in a long time. It was probably just dark.


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