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Wearing the world's most fabulous clothes, dating hotties, traveling internationally. All in a day's work for supermodel Kate Moss who has bounced back from the cocaine scandal that threatened to ruin her career. (Lindsay, are you jealous?)

Though you'd think the model would count her blessings now that the fashion world has embraced her again, she hasn't' stopped acting like a diva...

Moss has been staying in Peru with her close friend (and world-renowned fashion photographer) Mario Testino, who recently unveiled his "Portraits" exhibition at the Museo de Arte in Lima.

Except she's barely been out of her hotel!

Instead, Kate's been chillin' at the Miraflores Park Plaza, where she has been ordering room service "so she wouldn't have to interact with randy fans or paps," our Moss-y source reports. (Or maybe she just doesn't want anyone to see her eat?)

The diva has only left her hotel to leave the city of Lima completely, to stay at the Testino family beach compound, how chic of her.

Maybe she realized that her 'tude was whack, 'cuz at the opening of the exhibit back in Lima, Ms. Moss was a tiny bit friendlier, "mustering some good Spanish to say it was good to be in Peru". An A for effort!

But her fans were more taken aback with her completely low-cut emerald green dress, which was open in the front and the back. And although she's still got a totally bangin' bod, our source said "she looked kinda rough".


—With Additional Reporting by Kate Alper


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