Bradley Cooper

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Sexy A-Team star Bradley Cooper looks totally different when he's not bromancing with costars or flirting with his ladylove.

Just check out his mug!

Cooper's in NYC to film The Dark Fields with Abbie Cornish, and it looks like something has transformed the hunk from his usual bubbly self to a more serious soul...and he looks pissed!

Who could be to blame for this moody metamorphosis?

We vote girlfriend Renée Zellweger, of course!

Zellweger and Coop were spotted together in the Big Apple this weekend, where they attended Hangover costar Justin Bartha's Broadway show. Zellweger visited Cooper on set, and even brought her dog along for the domestic!

The tight twosome will be spending a lot of time together this month, as Renée is set to promote her movie My Own Love Song later this month at the Tribeca Film Festival.

With the amount of time that these two have been spending together, maybe Bradley looks so drab 'cause he's been up all night with his lady.

Or maybe he's just hungover.


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