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Late News: Oprah Reveals Some Secret Glee Goodness

Would you believe it if we told you Lea Michele has based Glee's go-getting, super-alpha female on...Lea Michele?!

True story, folks, unless you think Lea, Matthew Morrison and the rest of the Glee gang would lie to little ol' Oprah Winfrey (yeah, we doubt it, too).

During Wednesday's visit to The Oprah Winfrey Show, the cast sat down in—get this—a set that looked just like a classroom to chat with daytime's reigning queen about the phenomenal success of the show, the music we all love so much and, yes, the unstoppable force that is Jane Lynch.

Check out Lea's confession in the video above, then get another peek inside, plus some scoop on Sons of Anarchy, American Idol and some not so lucky Fox shows...

American Idol Glambert is back! Last season's runner-up, Adam Lambert, is all set to mentor the current contestants. Questions, comments, concerns? For what it's worth, we're on board.

House It's spinoff time, yo, and Nurse Jeffrey is getting his own an iPhone "appiseries." Hey, it's a nice little way to pass the time between season finale and season premiere, don't ya think?

Rescue Me Maura Tierney is heading back to TV, this time reprising her role on the stalwart FX hit, confirms Sadly, we won't see her until 2011 when she pops up in season seven.

Sons Of Anarchy Can we get an amen, because for the first time in months, there's some SOA scoop to pass along! The Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan reports Paula Malcomson of Caprica fame has scored a mayjah eight-episode gig on the gritty FX staple. Holler!

Fox Flops: We'd like to extend our deepest condolences to Fox's Sons of Tucson and 'Til Death, both of which quietly passed away late Monday night. Fox announced plans to air Death's funeral finale on Sunday, June 20, while the remaining episodes of SOT will run throughout the summer.

NBC's Reality Run: While countless shows worthy of multiple-season pickups (ahem, Southland) are still on the bubble, the peacock net has given second-season orders to three of it's newest reality semihits: Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref, Lisa Kudrow's Who Do You Think You Are? and Minute to Win It will all be back next year. Yay?


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