Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress DVD


Mindy McCready's sexcapades are on lockdown...for now.

Facing threats from the former country warbler's attorney, the porn merchants at Vivid Entertainment have put the release of her sex tape on hold.

"We've decided to take a little extra time to study all of our documentation and other clearances before we proceed," says Vivid founder Steven Hirch.

Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress, which finds our heroine engaging in a romp with a paramour known only as "Peter" and then holding forth on previous hookups with the likes of Roger Clemens and Dean Cain, had been scheduled for an April 19 release.

Adam Dread, an attorney for the Celebrity Rehab star, says he's pleased with Vivid's about-face.

"After a telephone discussion with Mr. Hirsch this afternoon, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Hirsch understands that there is merit to our 'Cease and Desist' demand," Dread says.

"We stand by our original statement that Ms. McCready has never made any video for Vivid Ent., or any entertainment company of that genre, and that there is no proof of authorization from Vivid to release any likeness of Ms. McCready, in any format. We have formally requested that they provide proof of authorization, or refrain from using Ms. McCready's likeness, period."

We're guessing Messrs. Clemens and Cain are happy, too.


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